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Getting blackmailed sucks. Getting blackmailed by Satan into ghost writing his autobiography/romance really sucks - hard.  

But I’m not a weenie or a welsher. I’m a semi-materialistic, Prada lovin’ Vampyre-Demon with a bad attitude and a serious lack of cheating skills. If I were a good cheater, I wouldn’t be in this heinous position. I lost, and now I have to pay. 

However, the price might deplete the wavering amount of sanity I have left...so I’m turning to you, dear diary, to pour out my inappropriate feelings and murderous inclinations toward a family member who shall remain nameless. Who in the hell am I kidding? I’m gonna name that butthole over and over on these secret pages. It’s Satan or Lucifer or the Lord of Darkness or the Dark Angel - or, as I like to call him, Uncle F--ker.   

That’s why I have chosen you, dear diary. You don’t have a mouth, as far as I know, and if you do, I’ll remove it - violently. Please keep that in mind as I tell you all my secrets. I’ve dealt with talking books and walls, and they’re a real pain in the ass. So if you turn out to be one of those, we’ll have a problem.  

Sit back. Relax, and get ready for a hellish ride.  

xoxo, Astrid    

Note from author: Dear lover of Lucifer, Astrid and all things Hot Damned aka fabulous reader, it’s me, Robyn Peterman - the insane creator of the Hot Damned series - with a little message for you. This is a Hot Damned extra! It’s short. It’s snarky, fun, and it’s short. If you haven’t litsened to Fashionably Flawed, audiobook nine, you will not understand this, and it has spoilers in it that will mess up your enjoyment of Fashionably Flawed

If you haven’t listened to any of the Hot Damned series, this will make no sense to you whatsoever. LOL. So, there you go. This is just a little ditty that I couldn’t get out of my head and thought the true fans of the Hot Damned series would enjoy. Astrid and Satan are two of my favorite characters, and I could write about them forever. Enjoy Astrid’s dairy of her month with Satan while writing his autobiography/romance. God knows I certainly did. LOL.

xoxo, Robyn

Jessica Almasy
hr min
August 28
Audible Studios

Customer Reviews

Curly’s Ramblings ,

Highly entertaining!

Profanity? Check! Paranormal? Check! Comedic encounters? Check! Laugh out loud moments? CHECK! I’m a huge fan of the Fashionably Dead series. The stories never fail to be entertaining and to make me laugh. The unique swearing, theft of office supplies, and destruction of property just add to the overall calamity and comical situations! The narrator did a fantastic job with providing unique voices for each character and appropriate tone inflections for each scene!