A Modern Heathens Guide to Norse Paganism: The Earth-Centered Religion that Empowers Us to Embrace Our Inner Viking and Take Charge of Our Fate (Unabridged‪)‬

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If you admire intelligence and action over blind obedience, then keep listening! 

Delving into the primary sources, Larson reveals the values, priorities, and goals of the Viking people and their gods. Norse Paganism, rooted in ancient practices and beliefs, thrives today, but not without adaptations. The difference between then and now is not a shift in core values. Instead, it is an evolution, acknowledging advances in science and social norms, to meet the needs of contemporary heathens. This book is a roadmap for how to live your best life based on the wisdom of Odin and others, as gleaned from myth and lore.

In this book, you will discover:

How emulating the Vikings’ mindset can propel you forward in your career, while also building positive, long-term relationships
The traits and attitudes most prized by the Norse gods
Similarities between military standards and Viking ideals
The lives of the men who wrote the original Old Norse texts
The important role of reciprocity in Norse Paganism
Why Loki is considered a deity worthy of worship by some people today
The function of magic in the everyday life of our ancestors and what part of it is still relied on by many in the 21st century
How and why Forn Siðr, the old ways and beliefs, faded and eventually disappeared from society
The real reason why the people of Germania, the ancient ancestors of the Vikings, were a “pure race.” Spoiler alert: despite what white supremacists would like you to believe, it had nothing to do with race.

Not a Norse pagan, or you don’t want others in your life to know you are?

You can still follow in Oden’s footsteps, live a more rewarding life, achieve greater success, build deeper relationships, and gain confidence, by following the example of the Vikings and advice of the gods. If you want to gain wisdom and take charge of your life, “Buy now,” and begin the journey.

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Aaron Smith
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October 14
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