A Point in Time: One Moment Can Make History (Unabridged) A Point in Time: One Moment Can Make History (Unabridged)

A Point in Time: One Moment Can Make History (Unabridged‪)‬

Martha Hall Kelly and Others
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How quickly the ground shifts beneath our feet. We make choices—in the face of love, or violence, or necessity—and the effects ripple outward. In these moving short stories, acclaimed authors examine the foundations of the past, uncovering the irreversible decisions and life-changing encounters that mark the turning point between before and after.

Naomi’s Gift by Martha Hall Kelly

A woman’s life-altering discovery after her mother’s death sheds light on the best and worst of humanity in this haunting short story by New York Times bestselling author Martha Hall Kelly.

Ash Wednesday by Paula McLain

In this wrenching short story based on a real-life tragedy near Cleveland, Ohio, New York Times bestselling author Paula McLain reflects on one family’s perseverance in the face of the unthinkable.

Landing by Olivia Hawker

Doubt plagues a new marriage when a young NASA engineer focuses more on the Apollo 11 moon landing than his own future in this poignant short story by bestselling author Olivia Hawker.

We Are Bone and Earth by Esi Edugyan

In this moving short tale of one girl’s search for her lost brother, award-winning author Esi Edugyan offers a vivid, unique perspective on a lesser-known corner of the West African slave trade.

A Wild Rose by Fiona Davis

A troubled concert pianist searches for a new inspiration among the hidden back hallways of Carnegie Hall in bestselling author Fiona Davis’s bold short story of artistic ambition in 1950s New York.

Alison’s Conviction by Thomas Keneally

A young autistic woman finds her voice and a path toward justice in this uplifting short story about the power of family history by Thomas Keneally, award-winning author of Schindler’s List.

Mother Swamp by Jesmyn Ward

A fever dream of the past that ripples outward to the modern world, this powerful short story by two-time National Book Award winner Jesmyn Ward draws inspiration from the hidden communities built by people escaping slavery.

Nina Yndis, Malcolm Hillgartner, Scott Lange, Liz Femi, Lisa Flanagan, Tamala Shelton, Kimberly Woods
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