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Debuted and currently #4 on the New York Times audio bestseller list!

Fifty-something David Spade is letting it all hang out. Older (yes), wiser (debatable), in A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World, the actor, comedian, and SNL alum reflects on his life then and now through a series of candid and hysterical (and occasionally cringe-worthy) takes on everything from why it’s getting harder to date younger women, to what it’s like being a dad now, to suddenly being the “old guy” on set. 

Whether he’s musing on the alarming ease of breaking up over text (he’s done it), feuding with a teenage Internet celebrity (spoiler alert, he lost), or dealing with the friend from high school who became his full-time plus-one, when the star of Joe Dirt and Just Shoot Me unleashes his biting wit and dirty mind on the general freakiness of middle-age, he’s in a league of his own (not to be confused with A League of Their Own). 

Written and performed for the Audible experience, Spade’s new comic memoir takes listeners along for the sometimes embarrassing and always hilarious ride of getting older in our fleeting “Snapchat World”. 

**This product features adult language and themes** 

Biographies & Memoirs
David Spade
hr min
July 19
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Customer Reviews

JAyR1207 ,

Glad to put some money stash in his new safe

Very entertaining listen!!! Thanks spade best $20 i gave spade to put in his safe ha thanks bro enjoyed it

Turky2675 ,

So funny and relatable!

Love David Spade! Enjoyed listening to his hilarious stories.

Rud3G ,

Funny stories from his life

Its NOT a tradiontional audiobook. You learn alot about David Spade but he makes great jokes along the way while making fun of himself. There is alot I didn't know about him, and sometimes you think his complaining about 1st world problems but then you realize ITS A JOKE and its pretty funny.
But he does have some great points for example the Instagram teens who are halfway famous who are very entitled. But overall VERY FUNNY AUDIOBOOK

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