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This novel was first published episodically in 1912, a year before Burroughs released Tarzan of the Apes, which would catapult him to international fame. This novel helped to define an emerging genre: science fiction.

John Carter, Confederate Civil War veteran, is mysteriously transported to Mars, where he finds that the new environment gives him seemingly supernatural powers. We are introduced to several different alien cultures, and we follow Carter as he seeks to rescue the elusive Martian Princess, with whom he has fallen in love. It's a fantastic science fiction novel, and is sure to be a great gateway into the Classics for younger readers.

B.J. Harrison
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January 1
B.J. Harrison

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Schlitzy Anderson ,

Excellent! And great price!

The narration is awesome and the story is terrific. There is another version on itunes for $15.99! This one is a great bargain!

Recon 9 ,

A Princess of Mars

It was a great book which kept me wondering what would happen next. The narrator B.J. Harrison really does a great job, and kept me hanging on his every word. I strongly reccomend this book to others.

ralphyjay ,

Edgar Rice Burroughs: Father of Modern Sci-Fi

A Princess of Mars is the first book in the Barsoom series written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912. If you are Sci-Fi fan, you'll find that many of the story lines, characters and scenes came from the futile brain of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Barsoom series
Main article: Barsoom
A Princess of Mars (1912)
The Gods of Mars (1914)
The Warlord of Mars (1918)
Thuvia, Maid of Mars (1920)
The Chessmen of Mars (1922)
The Master Mind of Mars (1928)
A Fighting Man of Mars (1931)
Swords of Mars (1936)
Synthetic Men of Mars (1940)
Llana of Gathol (1948)
John Carter of Mars (1964)
"John Carter and the Giant of Mars" (1940) Actually written by Burroughs's son, John Coleman Burroughs.
"Skeleton Men of Jupiter" (1942)

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