A Prisoner by No Crime of My Own (Unabridged) A Prisoner by No Crime of My Own (Unabridged)

A Prisoner by No Crime of My Own (Unabridged‪)‬

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At three years old, Jodie watched her father murder a woman in a seedy hotel room. He, a true-born sociopath, strolled undetected, using religion as his disguise. A life suffocating the truth wouldn't work for Jodie. The murdered woman's spirit seemed to ignite a search for answers in Jodie's adulthood. A budding darkness around the reality of her past was coming sharply into focus.

Fighting to free yourself from generational trauma? This is a must listen. Her family coat of arms was incest. Like a breastplate of righteousness, the diabolical clan changed morality to fit their own design. Murder was the force that would help free her from her gruesome past and a family that would do everything to keep the secrets they helped conceal. The painstaking task to unearth evidence of these crimes proved formidable. Decades spent chasing down leads through a private investigator, coordinating with police and confronting the perps. Hospital records and other known facts ultimately point to the identity of the victim and a sister's loving pursuit to find her missing sibling helps spur the investigation. They may have solved this case. The problem -- the cops need a confession or a body.

No help would be found in Jodie's family. She would have to fight alone in her quest to sift truth from determined lies. Her faith sustained her as she moved toward the dragons from her youth. The terror of reliving the incessant sexual abuse stalled her attempts as her body recalled the misery. The opinion of others wreaked havoc and tried to block her efforts through stifling rejection and judgment. Millions of children have suffered for crimes they did not commit. Would this victim find justice - for herself and for the murdered woman? Would peace ever live in her world again?

This story is not only an homage to all missing persons never found under the rubble they were dumped into after a brutal death. But it's also a courageous dedication to all children who have lived through childhood violence and deviance. It's all murder. The literal victims of murder, and victims who experience that same destruction in their souls.

Unrelenting guilt to bring this woman justice would open doors to the past that could not be closed. Her life mattered and so did her death. Her murder left a destiny to locate the truth and get the chance to bring healing and justice to cold crimes lost to time.

Jodie Tedder
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May 17
IOI, Inc.