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Three waxed cats, one Cookie Witch, a Brazilian gone bad, and the last name Bermangoggleshitz...not the best ingredients for a successful spell. Or is it?

Avoiding the truth has been working out just fine for most of my life.

I'm finally happy. I have friends and a kangaroo shifter who adores me. Never in my 29 witchy years did I think I would have a place to call home with people who truly cared.

Now my BFF, Zelda, wants to have a chat. Can't crappy news wait?

As soon as my varnished Virginia is mobile, I want to go home to my adorable little house I share with the love of my life and my four semi-violent, adopted, gum-smacking chipmunk shifter sons.

But, noooooooo....

Instead of enjoying a bouncy romp of nookie with my marsupial man whose last name I should really find out, I have to deal with an odiferous, butt-ugly, dead-beat, evil warlock of a dad named Bermangoggleshitz - the very same douchecanoe that tried to kill my rodent children.

Not to mention, said sperm donor has called up a Legion of demons from the Underworld. Fanfreakintastic.

So armed with my questionable intellect, a shaky handle on the French language and a penchant for blowing up buildings, I'm gonna grab this problem by the nuts and squeeze - like a Brazilian times...whoops, bazillion. That French gets me every time.

I will have my happily ever after no matter what or my name's not Sassy Louise...umm...Bermangoggleshitz.

Stephanie Riggio
hr min
October 25
Robyn Peterman Author

Customer Reviews

Izzibear ,

Loved Sassy Pants!

I loved A Tale of Two Witches. It was nice to listen to Sassy’s story. Sassy was never my favorite character in the Magic and Mayhem series but hearing her story made me like her so much more. The book focuses on all the wonderful qualities that she has that are not easily visible under her superficial exterior. I loved how sweet Jeeves was to Sassy. Always standing by her side and giving her strength throughout her journey. Sassy grows a lot in this book and realizes that she is worthy of love. Ultimately this realization helps her to learn how to love herself too.
I really enjoyed Sassy’s story. It was hilarious, sweet and in some parts very touching.

The narrator did a wonderful job with this book. She did a great job with the different voices of each character in this book. It was very easy to listen to and I didn’t want to stop listening until the end. I am looking forward to listening to the next book by this author and narrator.

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