A Talent for War: An Alex Benedict Novel (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Everyone knew the legend of Christopher Sim. Fighter. Leader. An interstellar hero with a rare talent for war, Sim changed mankind's history forever when he forged a ragtag group of misfits into the weapon that broke the back of the alien Ashiyyur. But now, Alex Benedict has found a startling bit of information, long buried in an ancient computer file. If it is true, then Christopher Sim was a fraud.

For his own sake, for the sake of history, Alex Benedict must follow the dark track of a legend, into the very heart of the alien galaxy - where he will confront a truth far stranger than any fiction imaginable.

BONUS AUDIO: Includes an exclusive introduction by author Jack McDevitt.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Gregory Abbey & Jack McDevitt
hr min
August 20
Audible Studios

Customer Reviews

Dr. Chip ,

Poor Time/$ Investment

I got this book because the premise sounded good. HOWEVER, a promising premise deteriorated into a long drawn out dissappointment. I kept waiting and waiting for the book to "hook" me. Unfortuantely I kept investing time into the book and didn't get a good rate of return. Skip this Untaleted read, it ain't worth your $ or your time!

the_tremulant ,

A Talent for Great Writing

Superbly written! Jack McDevitt has an ability to craft amazing literature. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys intelligent, well-written science fiction. I don't recommend it to anyone looking for lot's of action or one epic space battle after another (but don't worry, there are a few). This was an amazing book that left me with chills at the end, and I look forward to listening to it again!

skorthos ,

book might be good, reader is awful

I knew from the first sound of the narrator’s voice that I had wasted my money. Another whiny air-head valley boy reads a book for me…great. “Git” for “get,” “injin” for “engine,” “kimunity” for “community.” “NUKULAR?” Oh, no, tell me he didn’t (“dint”) say “nukular.” I gritted my teeth and tried to understand what was going on, because I had read good reviews of the book. But the reading was so bad it was very difficult to understand and impossible to enjoy. The valley boy accent was bad enough. There were also all of the pronunciation problems. Nukular and eggcetera. “EmerEYEtis” for “emeritus,” “KILL-o-meter” for “kilometer.” Eggcetera. Don’t misunderstand me…vacuous sounding whiny valley boy narrators have their place, but only when they are reading a book written in the first person by a moronic beach bum. The main character in Talent for War is supposed to be a genius historian adventurer archaeologist and he sounds like THIS? No. Other than that, it might be a good book. I will probably buy it and read it myself.

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