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Where did the universe come from? What was there before it? What will the future bring? And finally, why is there something rather than nothing?

Lawrence Krauss’ provocative answers to these and other timeless questions in a wildly popular lecture now on YouTube have attracted almost a million viewers. The last of these questions in particular has been at the center of religious and philosophical debates about the existence of God, and it’s the supposed counterargument to anyone who questions the need for God. Scientists have, however, historically focused on other, more pressing issues—such as figuring out how the universe actually functions, which can ultimately help us to improve the quality of our lives.

Now, in a cosmological story that rivets as it enlightens, pioneering theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss explains the groundbreaking new scientific advances that turn the most basic philosophical questions on their head. One of the few prominent scientists today to have actively crossed the chasm between science and popular culture, Krauss reveals that modern science is addressing the question of why there is something rather than nothing, with surprising and fascinating results. The staggeringly beautiful experimental observations and mind-bending new theories are all described accessibly in A Universe from Nothing, and they suggest that not only can something arise from nothing, something will always arise from nothing.

With his characteristic wry humor and wonderfully clear explanations, Krauss takes us back to the beginning of the beginning, presenting the most recent evidence for how our universe evolved—and the implications for how it’s going to end. It will provoke, challenge, and delight readers as it looks at the most basic underpinnings of existence in a whole new way. And this knowledge that our universe will be quite different in the future from today has profound consequences and directly affects how we live in the present. As Richard Dawkins has described it, this could potentially be the most important scientific book with implications for supernaturalism since Darwin.

A fascinating antidote to outmoded philosophical and religious thinking, A Universe from Nothing is a provocative, game-changing entry into the debate about the existence of God—and everything else. “Forget Jesus,” says Krauss, “the stars died so you could be born.”

Science & Nature
Lawrence M. Krauss
hr min
January 10
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

Virtual Jim ,

Please, use a professional narrator

I appreciated the knowledge and explanation the book imparted. My only criticism, (and it's a big one in an Audiobook), is the narration. A professional voice with a more measured and flowing delivery would have added a great deal to both my enjoyment and understanding. An author reading his own material can be as ill-advised as a defendant representing himself at trial.

New Orleans native ,

A universe from nothing

Finely, a understandable explanation of what's really going on up there!! Thank You Dr. Krauss

Dave886789 ,

Fast and Informative

It is so refreshing to have a leader in the field of modern physics address the hard philosophical questions without attempting to coddle religious belief. This book is in no way about religion, and contains minimal philosophy. Krauss starts out by stating the fallacy of religious belief, and that it has no place in trying to address questions concerning the nature of reality. This is the last you hear of it till the very end, and 99% of this book is purely an explanation of the history, development, observations, experiments, facts, conclusions, and implications of modern cosmology and physics starting around the time of Einstein ending right up to the very latest discoveries including Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the implication of a multiverse that the latest theories and models are now pointing to. Krauss moves fast and hardly ever repeats himself, I found myself having to rewind quite often in order to piece together what he was explaining, often only dedicating 1 or 2 sentences to some very difficult concepts. Familiarity with the concepts in relativity and quantum mechanics are highly recommended but a degree in physics is by no means necessary. If you are just starting to learn about relativity and quantum mechanics, I recommend you start elsewhere because he moves from one tough concept to the next with very little breathing room. He doesn't get technical, and sticks to laymen analogies, many of which you will be familiar with if you are already interested in the subject matter. He seemed to address every single question and confusion I've ever had with modern cosmology and physics, which is quite a few. This book revealed the modern scientific picture of our universe to me in a clearer way than ever before. There are still many things that feel over my head, but that is to be expected. I can now see the whole picture as a single piece, even if many of the details are still quite fuzzy.

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