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Francine Rivers, winner of the ECPA Gold Medallion, is a best-selling author of Christian fiction. A Voice in the Wind takes listeners into a richly imagined ancient Rome in the midst of its great decline. This heart-stirring tale of a young slave girl, torn between her love for a handsome aristocrat and her faith in God, transcends genres with its awe-inspiring power and emotional intensity.

Richard Ferrone
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March 22
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chocolatecm ,


okay so one of my fav. authors (karen kingsbury) mentioned francine rivers' book 'redeeming love' which was absolutely wonderful! but i wanted to read more of her books so i read a 'voice in the wind' all i can say is W-O-W after i read that i could not read the gospels the same. now when i read John or Mark i feel like i'm there! It really is a blessing . I read the book in two days and i'm getting the second soon i can't wait! trust me this is GOOD!

deckap01 ,

Faith Builder

This book is salve for the soul. After years away from reading for pleasure I found this book and it reignited my joy of reading as well as my own faith. I have passed the set along to my sister, mother, our daughters, and even our pastor. I recommend it to students and friends alike. Francine Rivers has a gift for bringing the issues of faith, relationships, and peace in the spirit to life in the wonderfully full and complex characters she creates. You will no doubt see yourself, those you love, those you weep for, and the challenges you face in her pages. Her characters so complete and the story so engrossing that you will find yourself laughing, crying, and turning the page with anticipation of what lies ahead. Read it. You will be blessed.

OfSpecsandBooks ,


Okay so everyone needs to read these books... EVERYONE! I know men who have read these books and loved them! It is the most life changing book. I have been a Christian since I was young, but after I read these books I have not lived out my faith the same way since... I am currently reading this book for the 6th time. I'm dead serious. It's so worth it. It's better than any bok you will ever read except for the Bible. I also encourage people who love this series to read the rest of her books. Redeeming Love, Scarlet Thread, and Atonement Child is very good.

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