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From the #1 New York Times bestseller

At the Battle School, there is only one course of study: the strategy and tactics of war. Humanity is fighting an alien race, and we fight as one. Students are drawn from all nations, all races, all religions, taken from their families as children. There is no room for cultural differences, no room for religious observances, and there is certainly no room for Santa Claus.

But the young warriors disagree. When Dink Meeker leaves a Sinterklaaus Day gift in another Dutch student's shoe, that quiet act of rebellion becomes the first shot in a war of wills that the staff of the Battle School never bargained for.

Orson Scott Card's novel Ender's Game is the basis of the hit movie of the same name.


Ender series
Ender’s Game / Speaker for the Dead / Xenocide / Children of the Mind / Ender in Exile / Children of the Fleet

Ender’s Shadow series
Ender’s Shadow / Shadow of the Hegemon / Shadow Puppets / Shadow of the Giant / Shadows in Flight

The First Formic War (with Aaron Johnston)
Earth Unaware / Earth Afire / Earth Awakens

The Second Formic War (with Aaron Johnston)
The Swarm / The Hive

Ender novellas
A War of Gifts / First Meetings

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Scott Brick
hr min
October 30
Macmillan Audio

Customer Reviews

crazyxat ,

I thought

I thought it was a delightful book and this series or whatever are great

Kagehikaru ,

Not bad

While this book isn't as good as some of Card's other books, this book wasn't bad. I get the feeling it was more written as a children's book than as one meant for adults. Zek's struggle with his feelings about his father was well portrayed, and quite realistic. Any child who has gone through a similar situation goes through the same kind of thing.

I all over liked it.

Porletto ,

W T F ?

Are you f'ing kidding me? Is Card broke or something? This has got to be a joke.

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