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The Inhibitors were designed to eliminate any life-form reaching a certain level of intelligence—and they've targeted humanity. War veteran Clavain and a ragtag group of refugees have fled into hiding. Their leadership is faltering, and their situation is growing more desperate. But their little colony has just received an unexpected visitor: an avenging angel with the power to lead mankind to safety—or draw down its darkest enemy.

And as she leads them to an apparently insignificant moon light-years away, it begins to dawn on Clavain and his companions that to beat one enemy, it may be necessary to forge an alliance with something much worse.

John Lee
hr min
June 29
Tantor Audio

Customer Reviews

AeroBarc ,

Hard Science at it's best

Once again Reynolds delivers a great experience for those familiar with his previous 2 books of this series.

2nova ,

Great sci-fi.

Reynolds is a writer who I happened upon while browsing the iTunes store and his work has grown on me almost against my will. He writes very hard sci-fi while remaining interested with the human qualities of his characters, their regrets, desires, guilt, compassion, etc. - it’s an interesting mix. He takes his time drawing his stories out into long, hypnotic space opera that are heavy with atmosphere.

One caveat though, “Absolution Gap” is the third book in a single story arc. “Revelation Space” is the first and “Redemption Arc” is the second. “Absolution Gap” is a great climax, and although Reynolds makes feints at catching readers up with his story - I really think these books will come off best if read in their proper order. The story spans centuries and is complex with detail and character.

The award-winning narrator of these books is fantastic, the perfect guy for the clipped, Brit dialog and the vast, verbal panoramas of space and technology that are part and parcel of the story.

Overall - greatly intelligent, thoughtful science fiction.

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