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God has given believers the ability to speak as He spoke, causing things that were not to be. The believer’s voice pulls, roots out, throws down, destroys, and builds up and plants (Jeremiah 1:10). When we speak according to the Spirit of God, our voices bring heaven to earth. When we open our mouths, heaven is speaking. When we prophesy, heaven is speaking. When we speak by the Spirit of God, heaven is speaking. No matter how much it seems like hell is raging, when we open our mouths and speak God’s Word, heaven comes.In Activate Heaven, John Eckhardt shows you how to use your voice to advance God’s agenda in the earth and equips you to stand against everything the enemy uses to silence your voice, from depression and confusion to sickness, pain, and rejection. The enemy would like nothing more than to silence the church. But when we open our mouths, the sick get healed, demons flee, miracles and finances are released, resulting in situations turned around. Speaking the will of God—speaking forth that which is in heaven—is the essence of the prophetic. Therefore, it’s time to stop complaining and start prophesying. It’s time to stop talking about how bad things are and begin to open our mouths and declare that as we speak heaven comes.FEATURES AND BENEFITS• Reveals the power of a believer’s voice to promote the kingdom of God; bring healing, deliverance, and salvation; and preach the gospel• Explains how believers can reclaim their voice through deliverance from shame, rejection, fear, insecurity, condemnation, and abuses of various kinds• Guides you in using declarations and confessions to break your silence and release a new boldness to preach the gospel in the way God has uniquely commissioned you

Religion & Spirituality
Janina Edwards
hr min
January 5
Charisma House

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