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Transform your view of adult ADD with this book as you learn how to use it as a strength, how to manage your diet and your time, and more.

Do you want to learn more about how to overcome common struggles for adults with ADD such as managing time and procrastination? Would you like to change your view of Attention Deficit Disorder from a weakness to utilizing it as a strength? Are you interested in the differences between childhood ADD and Adult ADD? Then this book is for you! Adult ADD starts by examining the common symptoms and struggles of those with ADD. It then gives you simple, applicable strategies to manage your ADD symptoms. You'll learn about why eating right can help you stay focused, how to create positive habits that you keep you organized, and why managing your time is even more crucial when you have ADD. Not only that, this book will help you uncover the strengths that naturally come with those who have ADD, like creativity, energy, and an abundance of new ideas to name a few. As you tap into your strengths, you can utilize them to create success in your life, and change your view of ADD as a weakness into a strength.

Take control of your ADD with the information included in this book! Here is a list of the chapter titles:

Chapter 1: What Is Adult ADD And What Are Its Causes
Chapter 2: Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults
Chapter 3: Best All-Natural Adult ADD Treatments And Remedies
Chapter 4: What You Should Know About Adult ADD And Your Diet
Chapter 5: Adults With ADD Versus Children With ADD
Chapter 6: Strategies For How To Manage And Cope With Adult ADD
Chapter 7: Adult ADD: Replace Bad Habits With Good Ones
Chapter 8: Creating Systems To Stay Organized With Adult ADD
Chapter 9: Managing Time When You Have Adult ADD
Chapter 10: Using Adult ADD As A Strength

Learn more about Adult ADD with this practical, hands-on guide to help you manage and capitalize on ADD.

Natalie Gray
hr min
January 24
Enirtak Inc

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