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Uncover powerful and practical strategies for living as an Adult Dyslexic.

Do you suffer from Dyslexia, and you don’t want it to control your life?

Want a detailed breakdown of Dyslexia and the science behind it?

Are you looking for the best coping mechanisms and strategies to succeed despite this condition?

Dyslexia is a common problem which thousands of people across the world face. Too many people let it control their lives and stop them from achieving the things that they want to do – and with so much focus on children suffering from dyslexia, it can be difficult to remember that many adults face this same situation too.

But now, inside this audiobook, you’ll uncover a wealth of real, practical strategies to help you overcome this condition and stop letting it control your life. Packed with valuable tips and tricks, a breakdown of how dyslexia works and the signs to look for, as well as how you can live with a dyslexic partner, this guide offers an insightful breakdown of this condition.

You'll uncover:
A Breakdown of Dyslexia In AdultsCommon Signs, Symptoms, And Characteristics of DyslexiaHow Does Having Dyslexia Impact Adults In Life?Uncovering The Different Kinds of DyslexiaWhat Can You Do If Your Partner Has DyslexiaHow To Spot Dyslexia In Different Age GroupsMuch More
With a breakdown of the science, common characteristics of dyslexia, and how it impacts the lives of those who have it, this audiobook offers a detailed exploration of this condition – and how you can overcome it. With practical strategies, a wealth of advice, and practical tips and tricks from real sufferers of dyslexia, Adult Dyslexia arms you with the tools you need to succeed in life despite your condition.

Uncover the secrets of Adult Dyslexia today!

Erika Mary
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April 9

Customer Reviews

FreyaCraig ,


I loved this book. This gave me a lot of hope and good ideas for how to approach this and I felt really empowered!

Nick_983 ,

Very inspiring!

I enjoyed this book. This book lays out a plan on learning how to accept the characteristic of dyslexia and how to manage the beginning, middle and end of this journey.

SteveGreen667 ,

Good to know

I learned a lot about dyslexia that I didn't already know. I was aware of different parts of the disorder, but I didn't know about the brain structure, the talents they have, and the solutions that are out there to help such people. A must-read (or listen) for anyone teaching or working with dyslexic people.