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Would Jesus Attend Church Today?

Among the top ten trends that are changing American life, Time magazine recently listed a rising dissatisfaction with organized religion. Though many people today like Jesus, they are growing tired of traditional religious institutions. Even those who follow Jesus aren't so sure they always like what Christianity and the church represent.

For many years, Dan Kimball would have agreed, until an encounter with a small group of Jesus followers started him on a journey that challenged him to rethink everything he had ever assumed about the church.  In Adventures in Churchland, Dan invites you to join him as he uncovers what the Bible really says about the church and reminds us that it’s more than just buildings and institutions, it’s a beautiful mess of broken people learning to follow Jesus together. As you journey with Dan, you’ll begin to see the church as Jesus intended it to be: a community of forgiven misfits coming together to serve the world around them with passion, creativity, innovation, and grace.

"If you don’t like the church, or if you’re thinking about leaving, please read this book first. Dan’s stories will make you laugh, make you think, and make you appreciate the church like never before." – Mark Batterson, author of The Circle Maker

“As a non-Christian, I was inspired and moved, and have been enthusiastically recommending it to my friends. This is a book for everybody." – Mark Frauenfelder, editor-in-chief of MAKE, founder of boingboing.net

"Dan encourages us to break through the tension and messiness that church communities inevitably encounter to experience the beauty of being in community and sharing God's infinite love with others." – Zach Lind, drummer, Jimmy Eat World

"I am so glad that my friend Dan has written this book, because there is a lot of confusion out there about Jesus and the church." – Wanda Jackson, Queen of Rockabilly and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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Adam Black
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June 5

Customer Reviews

Team Sunzeri ,

Adventures in Churchland and striving for Graceland

Dan Kimballs' energetic words fly off the page and cut straight to the point. The point being that the church is a messy, messy place because we are messy, messy individuals...messy yet wonderfully crafted by Jesus who loves us. The Adventure in Churchland shines a light on the church and its' believers in a way that won't offend you if you are a Christian, but it will make you ask questions. Questions like, are we unintentionally excluding people because of our various codes of approval, language, and values? He is in essence asking "is tradition getting in the way of mission"? If so, exit on the next off-ramp to Graceland (not the house Elvis lived in) for the adventure of a lifetime. Graceland is a place that immerses itself in culture, influences, creates and serves. But let's back up. Early on in the book, Dan takes us through all the exciting stages of his own personal experiences with the church from tragic to less-tragic and sprinkles in observations of the churchs' mission in relation to what Jesus teaches. It starts with Dans' curiosity about Jesus which leads to listening to a wise, Jesus loving 83 year old man whose non-judgemental attitude of the world around him makes Dan consider Jesus as being his Lord and Savior. This encounter sets the foundation for his faith which leads to Dan becoming a man on a missional adventure that Jesus sent his original followers on. Following Christ has to start somehwere, and an earlier book by Dan which I love, states that many people are attracted to Jesus, but want nothing to do with the church. That book was a helpful manual in how to spread your love of Jesus to a culture in need of a savior. In this book; however, Dan masterfully guides us through what organized religion looks like and why churches organize and do the things they do. Some organization is bad and some is good for the mission of the church (page 112 does a great job of dissecting and narrowing down this very broad word). Our culture is wrapped in a wide variety of styles and colors. There are still multitudes of people who will dismiss Jesus because they don't like the ideals and absolute control of "organized religion". But that's not where the focus of blame should lie according to Kimball. In Churchland, we can be very quick to judge others who don't act, look or dress like us. Dan unpacks this by simply stating that there is a right way and a wrong way to judge "If people IN the church judged themselves more often, the church wouldn't be known as being so judgemental". Taking it a step further he states that "church" is not something we go to, but rather something that we are, which in-turn represents him (Jesus) in all we do". The theme of hope and change appear frequently and warnings pop up around every turn cautioning against the dangers of being trapped in "Churchland". Dan Kimball has a very sturdy biblical doctrine which believes that "it is by grace we have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God". In doing so we can serve others and share the good news to people of all nations, creeds, cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles. Personally, Graceland sounds like a nice place, I think I'll live there instead of Churchland...while still going to church of course! Pick up a copy of this book today, you'll love it.