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Learn Exactly How To Make Money On Airbnb and Easily Earn Up to $10,000 A Month In The Comfort of Your Own Home!

Airbnb is an online marketplace website that allows its users to list, find and rent homes from other Airbnb users. You can list regular apartments and homes. You can also become creative with what you list. For example, one of the accommodations listed on Airbnb in NYC in 2016 was a taxi minivan parked on one of the streets of Long Island City.

You can set your availability calendar and charge what you want for your accommodation. Obviously, you are not going to be the only Airbnb host, and you will have competition, so your pricing needs to be reasonable. However, it is a marketplace and just like in every other marketplace there are different price points and different kinds of renters and hosts.

The idea of renting space is not new. However, Airbnb and similar platforms bring a new level of convenience, speed, and transparency to it.

Why do most people rent their homes on Airbnb?

According to a study Airbnb conducted in San Francisco, the average Airbnb guest visits the city for 5.5 days and spends $1,045.

56% of the hosts said that they use Airbnb to cover mortgage or rent costs while 42% of hosts use the platform to pay for everyday living expenses.

Here Is The Overview Of The Lessons You Will Learn

A brief overview of requirements and things to consider when becoming an Airbnb host
Preparing your property for guests and Airbnb
How To Create An Airbnb Listing That Stands Out
Communicating with your future guests
Managing guest experience
Getting great feedback from your guests
And Much More

Don't wait around and let this opportunity disappear! Do something about it. Most people fail is because of the lack of information and action. Don't let this be you.

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Adam Schulmerich
hr min
August 4
Impact Publishing

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