Airbnb Rental Investing: How to Make $11,795 per Month on Airbnb with No Money Down Strategies and Without Owning Any Property (Unabridged‪)‬

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Are you tired of working your regular nine-to-five that won’t even make you rich? Or do you want to get into rental properties but don’t actually own any property yourself? Your friends that are paying a mortgage to buy their house are going to hate you for this...

Many of us are sick and tired of having to wake up early every day, head out to our nine-to-five jobs, and then come back home feeling drained and unaccomplished. Deep down, we all know that working this way isn’t enough to become financially independent. As Robert Kiyosaki says, “A job is only a short-term solution to a long-term problem.” You will never get rich by working a regular nine-to-five.

But today, it is possible to set up alternative income through Airbnb properties and make a comfortable amount every month! However, getting into any form of investment has risks. But with the extra guidance provided in this audiobook, you can get rid of all room for error and ensure success in all your rental property investment ventures.

In this audiobook, you’ll discover:

The art of making money on Airbnb without owning any property, also known as rental arbitrage
Five secret no-money-down strategies that nobody is talking about and that only top investors use. Start small and reap giant profits.
Seven techniques to convince landlords that renting out their house is a win-win situation
Nine proven Airbnb SEO strategies to have your property rank amongst the best by understanding the key factors of the Airbnb algorithm and turning it to your advantage. In this way, you will never have an empty place and will be fully booked for months.
Tips, tricks, strategies, and techniques to create a superb guest experience, defeat the competition and ensure that the rating of your rental property will never be under 4.8.
How to automate and manage everything remotely and set up a self-sustaining property so that you Airbnb business can literally be a passive income generator.
How to achieve financial freedom by setting up alternative income through rental properties. (Yes, this is not the usual blah blah…with the proper work and dedication, it is possible!)

And much, much more!

While most books on the same subject only focus on trivial things that you can find in any online blog, this audiobook goes further, providing extra guidance and proven strategies that are guaranteed to work. Whether you’ve invested before and want to start a new venture, or you’re just starting out, this audiobook is perfect for you!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the finer things in life. Everything you’ve ever wished for is right within your grasp!

Ready to break free from a standard life and set the foundations for the life you know you deserve? Scroll up, click on “buy now”, and change your life for the better!

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Russell Newton
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April 26
Max Spencer

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