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Do you think alcohol is holding you back? Do you think you'd be happier and more productive in life without the booze? Have you ever questioned if you perhaps drink too much? This simple and straightforward book will answer the million-dollar question of "Do I have a drinking problem?" The book provides clear and proven strategies if you decide alcohol needs to go.


If you've made the promise to cut back or have rules regarding when or how much you're going to drink, then this book will address why those seemingly clear lines in the sand are always crossed.


Alcohol is Sh!t will provide you with the foundation to move forward in life without alcohol through:

Showing the listener how alcohol is the most addictive and dangerous drug on the planet 
Debunking myths surrounding alcohol such as alcohol doesn't relax you but slows down faculties in the brain and body
Demonstrating how to formally say goodbye to alcohol, so both the conscious and unconscious mind are on the same page 
Shining the light on the primordial addiction: thinking 
Empowering the listener with the understanding that quitting drinking isn't a sacrifice, but the opportunity of a lifetime
Informing listeners that an alcohol-free life isn't a "no" to alcohol, but a "yes" to a better life and this path can be a lot of fun
Educating the listener on where and how to start recovering the person you were always meant to be


With lightheartedness, clarity, and no BS, Alcohol is Sh!t will allow the reader to remove the fog created by alcohol and provide them with the tools necessary to quit drinking. Follow the advice in this book, and your new life awaits - one filled with inner peace, self-compassion, and an abundance of joy. Within the first chapter, the listener will begin to feel a weight lifting, and for probably the first time, will know what role alcohol is playing in their lives.


What's stopping you from stepping into your new life?


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Paul Churchill
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September 7
Recovery Elevator

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