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Welcome to Luxiria, where the twin suns are hot and the alien warriors are hotter...

Ever since Taylor Glass was rescued by strong, hulking Luxirians, nothing has been the same. Even worse, she can’t stop having hot, vivid dreams starring one of her rescuers, a panty-melting alien male with mesmerizing gray eyes and the fiercest scowl she’s ever seen. Outside of her dream world, he clearly wants nothing to do with her and that fits perfectly with Taylor’s well-laid plan of getting back to Earth as soon as possible, no distractions needed. Unfortunately, he has other plans.

Ambassador Vikan has been loyal to his past lover since the day a tragedy ripped her away. But when his Instinct awakens for a human female under his protection, the Luxirian warrior fights against the undeniable, animalistic pull with everything in him, torn between loyalty and desire, cursing her generous curves and soft lips that make him crazed. When his will fails him however, Vikan does what any sane warrior would do: Steal the female away before she can leave for Earth.

Too bad they crash land in the wilds of Luxiria. And as the long days of traveling on foot, followed by sizzling nights in little caves along the way force Taylor to fight against her intense attraction to her alien captor, she soon realizes she cannot tell what's real and what's a dream.

Features a strong, determined human female and a broody, dark alien warrior with even darker fantasies. SFR novel with a HEA! 

Note: This is the fifth book of the Warriors of Luxiria series and should be listened to in order for the best experience.

Warriors of Luxiria series:

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Sierra Grace, Tristan Josiah, GraceWright Productions
hr min
May 1
Zoey Draven