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The last time my teacher laid a hand on me, he almost killed me.

I can't believe I married that fuc… I mean, my college professor. You think this sh*t we blandly call domestic abuse doesn't happen to someone like me, a nerd smart enough to get her PhD in her twenties and becomes a professor herself. Well, it does.

But don't you dare feel sorry for me. The monster is behind bars for now, and I've moved to Forest Grove, Oregon to start fresh.

Where the worst is already over. Where it's safe from monsters. Right?


Forest Grove is swarming with...danger. The kind you only read about in paranormal romance books. I'm talking vampires, shifters like wolves, huge wolves that come in twins, and many more.

P.S. They are NOT smoking as hell beasts who swoon and fall in love with you forever like they tell you in those reads. Well, the smoking as hell part, yes...of course...how else will they mess with your head...but not the second part.

And each beast thinks they have some sort of claim on me. What the hell?

Now that my monster of a husband is on the loose, sending me notes, threatening me to go back to him, and the sizzling beasts in my class want a piece of me, LITERALLY, I'm terrified and lost.

If I go back to the monster I know, at least, I'll still be human, even for a short while before his next rage kills me.

If I surrender to the beasts and become their mate, I'll live forever protected as a beast myself without a soul.

Survival 101 doesn't even begin to prepare you for this.

What would you do?


This book is a black comedy with INSTA LOVE, swoony characters and a traumatized unreliable main female character.

You like vampires, shifters, monsters, twins and dark stories with extra humor, this paranormal why choose romance is definitely for you.

Get your copy now. Because you have to.

Kayla Fisher
hr min
April 23
Salacious Queen Publishing

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Women Write ,

Hot ❤️

Fated mates, opposite clans, hawwwwt RH that will leave you craving some more 😘

Deb W. 81 ,

All the Teacher’s Beasts

This was very Hot and I loved it. Fantastic audiobook with lots of hot sexy times 😆. I highly recommend this audiobook.