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Warning! What you are about to learn will change the way women look at you, how people treat you, and will skyrocket your confidence levels!

It seems so simple.

You want confidence. You want respect. You want to be an alpha male.

So you read up on all the self-help pap on how to improve yourself. But, you still feel weak and depressed....

Unfortunately, a mere intellectual understanding of confidence, charisma, and the alpha male is not enough. You must first embody the presence of the alpha male. You must master the art of body language!

Here are a few ways body language will improve your life:

Instantly feel better about yourself
People will look and react towards you differently
You will get more respect
You will ooze masculinity
You will feel more confident
Women will find you more attractive

Sound like something you'd be interested in?

What you will learn in this book...

The alpha male mindset and how to get it
The importance of dominance
Body position as approval seeking
Mirroring: how you unconsciously lower your status
Confidence: a bodily expression first
The mind-body connection: an eternal braid
Authentic movement: not holding anything back
How the alpha male walks
Traumatic events and their effect on body language
How to increase confidence in one movement
The alpha male stance
Body language to attract women
And much, much more....

I went from a state of pure self-doubt. I suffered social anxiety for years. But then I mastered the art of body language.

Suddenly, my life changed.

It was like a switch flipped in my head. Women started responding to me more positively. Male peers started to respect me. And best of all, I felt enlivened with a sense of purpose and a steady state of confidence!

J. Alexander
hr min
April 11
Sean Lysaght

Customer Reviews

Ssgluke ,

good bool

slow start but good explanation. Useful tipsare at the end of book.

RxR___ ,

Thank you

This new lifestyle I've learned from this is such an unexplainable great feeling. I've learned so much from the 40 laws, eye contact and body language. I will purchase the rest. Thank you so much Sean

Yagga Yaaassss!!! ,

The voice kills me

I had to stop listening to this just because of the narrator. Makes me want to die.

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