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Do you dread work functions? Are you anxious at parties? Avoid networking events?

One of the biggest epiphanies I had in life was that social skills are just that...skills.

You are no more naturally shy than you are naturally unable to drive a car. You just don't have the practice or guide to teach you.

That's where The Alpha Male's Guide to Mastering the Art of Small Talk comes in!

Want to be more magnetic, attractive, and able to win friends and influence people? Then look no further!

The Alpha Male's Guide to Mastering the Art of Small Talk presents a step-by-step process to enhance your social skills and intelligence.

What can social skills do for you?

More Relationships
More Efficiency: Avoid People You Don't Like
Better Career Opportunities
Become More Attractive to Women
Great Communication Skills
Improved Quality of Life

Sound good? Here's what you'll learn:

The Art of Small Talk
The Alpha Male Communicator
The Mindset Behind Great Communication
Getting Out of Your Head
Practical Tips to Become Present
Conversation and Context
Icebreakers for Attracting Women
Approaching Women in ANY Setting
Business Communication Tactics
The Art of Giving Value
Making the Right First Impression
Building Attraction: The Volume Knob Analogy
The Building Blocks of Charisma
Effective Listening
And much, much more...

Mastering the Art of Small Talk will take your life to the next level! It did for me! Imagine being able to walk into a crowded room and completely work it. Imagine being confident in moving to a new city and being able to make friends in no time. Imagine going up to the hottest girl you see and conversing as if you are talking to your best friend.

J. Alexander
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April 26
Sean Lysaght

Customer Reviews

Kastopher ,

Great Information

Coming from a person who grew up in the country far away from everything and everyone I have very big problems with small talk. I love reading up on the subject because there is always more to be learned. Your book stood out for me because of chapter 6, when you said to not only focus inside my head and more on the conversation and the other person. It seemed so simple but I still never thought about it. Also finally someone explains eye contact, I have been looking for some good explanation on it! My only problem was that it wasn't long enough but it was only $6. If your looking for a good book with some good pointers on small talk you cannot beat the price on this one.

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