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Author's note: Always Dreaming of You is the sequel to Not Dreaming of You.

Can Chris and his cousin, Kiki, find a way to fill the holes in their lives?

Tragedy has struck the Carson-Villanueva family. All linguistics professor Chris Carson can do is keep busy and hope the crippling feeling of loss will fade - until a chance encounter with a striking young woman injects him with optimism. But when she tips him and drives off without giving her name, he's disappointed...and a little insulted.

Hollyweird? Or misunderstood?

Elle - born Liliana Brigitte - Lorrence has one goal: to escape her mother's bizarre world of paparazzi, entourages, and over-Botoxed cyborgs. So far, transitioning to normal life has been harder than one would think, especially with her powerful mother thwarting every attempt. But if she can only pretend to be an actress for this one little independent film, the paycheck will enable her to set her escape plans in motion.

When Chris starts his summer dialect coaching job for a film, the actress turns out to be Elle Lorrence, the girl from the mall parking lot six weeks earlier. Chris is undeniably attracted as well as intrigued by her angelic poker face and dry, sarcastic humor. However, he knows a relationship between them can't work. He has no desire to live a crazy celebrity lifestyle. And Lily, as he can't resist calling her, is a future star, raised 100 percent Hollyweird by the diva of all divas: Academy Award winner Rebecca Lorrence. After Elle's bizarre reaction to an incident at the diner, he knows he'd better do his job and get the hell out, no matter how irresistible she seems.

A baby for Mark and Kiki?

Meanwhile, Kiki still wants a baby, and, as much as Mark has grown emotionally, he's now confronted with a life-altering issue he'd never even considered. The decision is in his hands. If he chooses the one thing that could bring his wife ultimate happiness, it may be at the expense of his own.

Susannah Jones
hr min
June 3
Nina Cordoba