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As an actor, he seduced us with his tough-guy charm in A Fistful of Dollars and Dirty Harry. As a director and a producer, he amazed us with his artistic insight and technical savvy in Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, and Changeling. Clint Eastwood represents the finest cinematic achievements of the last decades, and he remains one of film's greatest living legends.

In American Rebel, Marc Eliot examines the ever-exciting, often tumultuous arc of Eastwood's life and career, from his days as a disaffected college dropout, to his rise to fame as the archetypal loner, to his acceptance into the pantheon of the Academy as a multiple Oscar Award winner. But this unauthorized biography is as much about Eastwood's personal life as his public work, and unlike past biographers, Eliot explores Eastwood's complex relationship between his life and his art with an unflinching look at his failures and his successes.

The most complete and up-to-date Eastwood biography yet, American Rebel is a must-have for Eastwood fans and anyone who loves movies.

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Marc Eliot
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October 6
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Customer Reviews

nikastro ,


Just finished listening to this book, and am too annoyed and irritated to write the kind of lengthy, in-depth criticism that I would like. So instead, I'm going to bullet-point my problems with this audiobook:

1. The author, also the narrator, consistently mispronounces or alternates correct pronunciation with the incorrect. Eastwood's production entity, "Malpaso Productions" is referred to as both "Mal-passo" (correct) and "Mal-poso." If it weren't such a frequently used name in the book, and if the narrator wasn't the author, this could be forgiven. But how does the AUTHOR mis-pronounce the name of the subject's almost 40-year old production company?

2. The Eastwood impersonation the author employs sounds more like the latter-life Ronald Reagan than Eastwood, and the frequent use of this is absolutely irritating.

3. Tons of factual mis-information....mostly small stuff, but it does make the reader wonder about the thoroughness of the author's research.

Example one: when casting The Bridges of Madison County, according to the author, Isabella Rossellini was rejected because her "SWEDISH accent was too strong." Good GOD. Seriously?

The name Francesca, which figures into the book as both the lead character in "Bridges" and Eastwood and Frances Fisher's daughter's name, is pronounced "Fran-CHESSA." Minor, I know, but with repetition becomes incredibly irritating.

The author meanders through far too-lengthy symbolic interpretations of the themes of Eastwood's films, in particular "Dirty Harry." It went on for almost 15 minutes, and I wanted to pull a Dirty Harry on myself and blow my brains out by the time he was finished.

There are some interesting bits of information in this book here and there, but the narration mis-steps made me want to pull my hair out by the time I reached the end. It sheds little on the personal side of Eastwood's life, save for what is already public information regarding his illicit romances and filmmaking career.

MeAgain72461 ,

Love Eastwood

I hate this book. It’s so boring and I doubt if I make it to the end. The narrator is so monotone and boring and everything about it is as well. I want a refund.

CRE1965 ,

Great Book AAAAA

I give this book 5 stars

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