American Revolution: The War for Independence and the Birth of the United States

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The American Revolutionary War has inspired bestselling books, iconic paintings, and hit Broadway musicals. More than 250 years after the “shot heard around the world” was fired in Concord, we remain fascinated by the causes and legacy of the Revolution.

In 18 dynamic audio lectures, West Point history professor Robert McDonald leads you past the politics and battle tactics to explore the underlying ideas that sparked the Revolution. The editor of The American Revolution: Core Documents (Ashbrook Center, 2016) and writer or editor of numerous books about the Founding Fathers, Prof. McDonald has an encyclopedic knowledge of the complex factors that made the Revolution much more than a war for independence.

Under his guidance, you’ll examine American history from the establishment of Britain’s North American colonies through the ratification of the Constitution. Although you’ll revisit famous events like the French and Indian War, the Boston Massacre, and the First Continental Congress, this course invites you to reconsider the wider context—political, religious, and economic—of the Revolution.

Throughout the series, you’ll entertain questions without easy answers. How can we be sure that it was the Revolutionary War and not something else—like the Enlightenment—that was driving change across the landscape? How did the new land of liberty approach the issues of slavery and women’s equality?

Join Prof. McDonald for a fresh and exciting take on the classic story at the heart of the United States of America.

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Robert McDonald
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March 18

Customer Reviews

Cokorado Lady ,

Thankfully awakened, not “woke”

This is an honest and enlightened book about a pivotal era in US and world history. And thankfully, not full of agenda-drive deception, wokism and PC apologies.

BigT711 ,

Not what the preview said it was

This book is not about the WAR like you might think. It’s a lot more talking about more details of settlements etc and Not the war.
Was not what I was expecting

Campus resident ,

Best money ever spent

Wow! Not constructed as direct reading from a book, this “audiobook” is put together as a series of notes from Professor McDonald’s extensive research on the Am. Revolution, and will surely be a favorite for all those who enjoy losing themselves in class lecture by their favorite college professor (without the pop quiz)! This, being an in-depth, comprehensive, and discussion-style teaching on the US’s birth, is an amazingly organized file that touches on so many of the complexities of the Revolutionary War, before, during, and after. Beware the satisfaction if you are one who routinely misses the turn on your drive to work, as this compilation was the highlight of my morning drive (and my day, at times) once submerged in Dr. McDonald’s undisputed field of expertise. Highly recommended for any self-proclaimed history buff wishing to brush up on the ol’ subject. Captivating, and a very easy and pleasant listen.

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