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It only takes about seven seconds for the look on their faces to determine someone's mood. Body language is considered louder than talking directly.

Many people can sense what mood you are in without even saying a word unless you are very good at hiding it. The movement of your body gives away how you feel, whether it's angry, sad, happy, etc. Your ultimate aim in relationships should be to be able to communicate appropriately. If your partner doesn't understand how you feel, not expressing yourself rightly can cause a lot of problems. Human beings must be able to express reasoning, solutions, and conclusions in ways that the listener is interested in or otherwise have no meaning. 

People have used body language since ancient times. Human beings would use body language before words existed to interact and articulate their needs and desires. It was the only way to communicate with others. We knew terror, hunger, affection, rage, and joy by instinct. The body would show them through our faces, hands, and legs to express these feelings. 

To decide how someone feels, body language is almost always required. If you've spoken on the phone to a friend or a loved one, you may have noticed that sometimes it's hard to tell if they're serious about something, joking, or even angry. This misunderstanding is the result of a lack of a visual language of the body. Your actions reveal more of what most people realize about you.

If you know it or not, body language is an enormous variable that is responsible for how everyone you encounter comes to your mind. Listening skills are a must and essential for creating good customer relationships in many professions-particularly in professions where you help others. Whether you help people maintain their relationships, guide people for business success, or advise people on any other kind of issue, they see your body language, showing excellent listening skills makes people more comfortable.

Your ability to read someone is not always about what you can see. At times, it is also about what you feel when you are around them. Trust in your gut feeling. Many people ignore this. Gut feelings are a primal instinct that protects you from something or someone you are not comfortable with. When speaking to a liar, they might spin tales that have you wondering whether they are true or not.

If you have a shred of doubt about it, it is highly likely you are right about them.

Identifying the different types of liars is another important technique that will save you a lot of trouble. Proximity to a sociopath is dangerous. They are unlike other liars you might come across. They feel nothing and show no remorse. They will never apologize and may actually enjoy your suffering from their lies, and they even goad you while at it. This is a dangerous person to be around. On the other hand, pathological and compulsive liars spin make-believe tales to suit their needs.

The best way to go about life is to be open to possibilities. Not all possibilities might be amazing, but in human interaction, it is always safe to expect the unexpected. Considering the different types of liars out there, you have to protect your space. Recognize that some people are beyond help, but suggest professional help for those who can benefit from it. It is painful when you have to distance yourself from people you love because you cannot trust them to tell you the truth.

This audiobook gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

It all starts with the brain
Analyzing and deciphering behavioral patterns
Advantage of analyzing a person in professional and private life
Type communication

Andy Baronson
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May 15
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