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Join award-winning historian Christopher Bellitto on this gripping journey through centuries of Greek history.

Ancient Greece was one of the most fertile civilizations in history, and its influence on Western philosophy, theology, and civilization is undeniable. Now, you can discover the fascinating legacy of ancient Greece through entertaining and enlightening lectures.

With Prof. Bellitto, you will gain a deeper understanding of what made ancient Greece so unique: its polis and democracy, its great battles and personalities, its soaring artistic and literary achievements. You’ll also explore dark corners of this civilization, such as its treatment of women and slaves. You will travel from the walls of Troy to the theatres of Athens, from the Delphic oracle to the Spartans’ stand at Thermopylae, from Socrates’ trial and Alexander the Great’s long journeys to the moment where Rome conquered Greece.

You’ll begin by asking where ancient Greece fits on a broad canvas of world history, geography, and chronology viewed from a wide-angle lens. You will move forward in time, stopping often to explore closely important moments, topics, and themes. You will cover the most essential events in ancient Greece as you travel through millennia of history.

Join Prof. Bellitto on this fascinating journey today.

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Christopher M. Bellitto
hr min
September 14

Customer Reviews

Odin Anderson ,

Like a great college course

This is a series of lively lectures by an historian who clearly loves his subject matter. Each lecture is well organized and full of stories that help illustrate his big take always. Fun and interesting.

Winston Bloom ,

A masterful lecture

Chris Bellitto is the kind of guy you would want to have a beer with. His down-to-earth approach to teaching allows you to be drawn in and fully engaged while learning about the past. He is incredibly knowledgaeble and a great teacher

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