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People say you can’t ever go back. That some of the things that happen to us simply cannot be redone. 

But the paths of a life journey are rarely straight. They twist and turn and wind back across those once visited and long thought to have faded from existence. 

Becca Miller has lived her life trying to do the right thing, even when its cost has been giving up the boy she loved and wanted to marry. The sacrifice she made for her sister isn’t one she regrets because there was no other choice for her to make. And for 18 years, she lives this choice with full commitment and as little looking back as she can manage. 

When Matt Griffith returns to Ballard County for the funeral of his grandmother, the path that had seemed so straight begins to loop back and take her across feelings she thought she had put away for good. As it turns out, those roads we’ve traveled do not fade at all. They simply wait to be retraveled, leaving us with the decision to follow them exactly as we did before, or make a different choice and find out where it will lead us. 

(Previously titled Crossing Tinker's Knob.)

Jessica J.N. Wells
hr min
February 7

Customer Reviews

PageTurner2020 ,

And Then You Loved Me

The author drug the story out, repeating incidences. More action should have been written. The murder should have been played up more; giving the story more surprise and accelerated tempo. The whole story was about the love between Matt and Becca however, the author left there final reunion hanging. The author should have shown more rejoice and romance. Instead she chose to end it with the letter Becca read aloud from Emma’s daughter. Bummer. Also, the author used the word “and” so many times that I caught myself counting the use of “and” instead of listening to the story. The editor did a lousy job.
The absolute worse thing about this book was not the story from the author but the person she paid to narrate the audiobook. The narrator often read a word at a time. I often checked my iPhone to see if the speed had been turned up or down. Often sentences would repeat. The narrator, at times, sounded like a robot. Seri or Alexa could have done just as good a job. They say you pay for what you get...not in this case. I will never buy another audio with this person as the narrator. I have over 750 audio books downloaded. I might have 4 that the narrator was so bad I just deleted the book taking a lose. I didn’t delete this one because I just knew the author was going to beef up the story line - nope. Sorry, I don’t like saying negative things...I’m just very disappointed.

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