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Anger is a very strong emotion. If you know how to control it, there can actually be times when it is useful. But most of the time it will injure you and hurt others. You have worked hard to create a life for yourself. Yes, it is not perfect, but it is certainly substantial, has meaning to you, and it has not come without sacrifice and great effort. Certainly, the thought of losing it all is frightening! So beware, the most likely threat to all you have accomplished is your anger. Countless people ruin their lives because of anger. There is a large body of scientific research that shows a direct link between anger and relationship breakdown, as well as physical and mental illness. Anger is perhaps the greatest menaces to our well-being. Yet, unlike many other threats, it is easily preventable. And, because anger is preventable, the "tragedies" caused by anger are that much greater. After you have eliminated "anger", you can go-on to create loving and long lasting relationships.

Our Wisdom Scientific Self-therapy audio programs are not "audio books", "lectures", collections of "positive affirmations", or like anything you have used before. These programs are deliberately designed to be repetitive. Do not expect them to entertain. Do expect them to up-grade your quality of life, making you happier and your relationships more successful. We have developed what we believe to be the most effective audio programs ever made to help you develop a healthy mental attitude and master the practical skills necessary for success. We know they work well, many people have told us so. Each program is easy and simple: listen for eight minutes a day for about three weeks and directly apply what you learn. People have told us that using Wisdom Scientific Self-therapy audio programs they have learned to stay calm and improve their health, increase their happiness, and strengthened their relationships. We believe you can do likewise. Try it.

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Wayne June
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April 28
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rtlcpa ,

Anger Control by Abe Kass

Yes, it works. I haven't totally stopped getting angry ever but the level of anger that I feel is WAY down and I have techniques to help stop my anger and remain calm. I did the Anger Releasing by Louise Hay audiobook first and then this one.....try it and I think you will be pleased with the results. I'm going through my busy season and everyone around me is much happier because I'm not angry and stressed all the time.

jacob_nor ,

Half of the book is missing

The last 22 minutes is just silence. This purchase will not help you control your anger - instead it will make even more angry! And I could not find a way to request a refund. Don't buy it. Why is this book still being sold?

Coonass12 ,


Sound good if the whole book would download!

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