Anger management: Top tips and psychological techniques to mastery your emotion and turn anger, anxiety, depression and phobias into power and positive energy

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Anger is not good for your well-being. It swells the heart rate, exacerbating heart conditions, and anxiety. It leaves an unpleasant stain, a sense of unease, and aggression. Anger can result in violence against others or oneself. It can kill your future and destroy your opportunities. If you want a productive relationship, excellent job performance, and great success in your life journey, you need to be able to control your anger and handle your emotions. In this new book designed to show you concrete guidance on how to manage anger, you're going to learn: - Stages Of Anger - Causes Of Anger - Signs And Symptoms Of Anger - How To Express Anger - Why Are Some People Angry Than Others? - Anger Management Tips - Set Aside Anger - How To Make The Spirituality Of Anger Work For You - How To Restrain Yourself From An Outburst - Dealing With Anger When You’re All Too Good At Avoiding It - How To Help Someone With Anger Issues - How To Channel Your Anger Into Productive Action - Expressing Anger Without Hurting Anyone - Turning Anger Into A Constructive Emotion - Strategies To Keep Anger - Fear Of Anger And Avoidance Of Conflict - How To Control Anger In A Relationship - The Psychology Of Emotion - Anger And Emotional Intelligence - Elements Of Emotional Intelligence - Steps To Emotional Intelligence - When Your Child Is Making You Angry and many more With accurate and adequate knowledge presented in this “written to be heard” book, you are on your pathway into total freedom from anger!

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December 5
Bob A. Mills

Customer Reviews

JohnJG49 ,

awesome book

I absolutely love this book and have referred back to it many times. I loved reading this book! The author shows great insight as well as humor, which always helps me like a book more.

WilliamRG99 ,

Practical and optimistic

I definitely recommend this book to everyone of all ages I now believe I found a new favorite author. This book is absolutely amazing!

NataliaAM24 ,

Worth Reading

The book was very easy to follow and the information digestible.I found this book intersting and enjoyable, and I would recommend it to others!