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As the founder of Righteous Babe Records, the award-winning recording artist Ani DiFranco has never let her career succumb to "business as usual". Her music - rhythmically percussive guitar playing, insistent vocals, and a willingness to address both sexual and social politics - defies neat categories. It draws on folk and rock, as well as jazz, funk, hip-hop, experimental and electronic sounds, and much more. She has inspired countless musicians to rewrite the rules of the recording industry by striving for self-sufficiency and refusing to allow art to be subsumed by commerce.

DiFranco converses with Anthony DeCurtis, contributing editor at Rolling Stone magazine.

Speakers & Storytellers
Anthony DeCurtis
hr min
August 21
92nd Street Y

Customer Reviews

llyrehc ,

Perfectly imperfect human

Ani Difranco is simply the most inspiring female in my generation. She's wonderful, fantastic, and terrifically human. To say I love her would be to diminish how I feel. She is Ani, and there is only one.

Emily Grace Myers/Gnostic Carebear/White Dove**** ,

Ani Difranco At the 92nd Street Y (Unabridged Nonfiction)

I have been a huge HUGE fan of Ani's music for about 11 years now. When I was 15 going on 16 my b-friend of 2 yrs left me with no warning. I was so depressed; my friend lent me two CDs of Ani's, "Dilate" and "Not a Pretty Girl". Ever since then, she's been my idol, my heroine!!! The best all-around artist (the prodigy of self-expression). She's the most awesome individual who's works never cease to amaze me. I just bought this audio book. I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but I am ABSOLUTELY sure that it will be amongst my many vaulued items in my Ani D. collection!!!! I love this self-made artist, CEO, poet, storyteller, songwriter, guitar, drum, piano, mandolin, voice, etc "player". She's freaking fascinating!!! What a Revolutionary....and a "feminine revolutionary" at that! Buy it...it's only .99 cents! And 100% profit goes to her own record label she started at 18, so buy it!!! You won't be dissapointed! I NEVER am. Love, Emily Grace Myers of Gainesville, FL 10/02/09

luvBeary2 ,

1st comment baby!!

My bro turned my on to her and ever sice he did, i love her!!! her voice is so pure and relaxing...and her songs are fun, they go good w/ anything!!! I LOVE U ANI!!

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