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If you want to let go of anxiety and embrace an anxiety-free life, even if you’ve never been able to before, then keep reading…

If, like over 50 million Americans, you suffer from anxiety, then take comfort in the fact that not only are you not alone but a solution is at hand. 

Anyone who has lived with anxiety, or who has experienced even short bouts of it, knows how debilitating it can be.

Sometimes you’re aware of the cause, other times, you might not feel stressed or anxious, but the symptoms begin. You feel as if you can’t draw air into your lungs or push it out; your hands are cold and clammy; your heart races so fast you think it’s going to implode; your body tingles; your face is numb; you can’t swallow; you’re sweating profusely, and you feel death is imminent.

If you’ve experienced some or all of these symptoms, this book will help you to not only cope, but to relax and help yourself to release the grip of anxiety. 

I was once a prisoner to my stress and anxiety. I became so fearful of leaving my home because I didn’t want to have an attack in public and have people think I was crazy. I knew I had to take control and do something. I started by learning all I could about my anxiety, facing it, and using the remedies I had researched to start on the road to recovery.

I now offer you the opportunity to live an anxiety free life as I do now. 

Crafted for immediate relief, this book contains exercises that are quick to employ, yet can yield powerful results. An added bonus is that the exercises in this book do not require any special surroundings, they can be done almost anywhere and anytime.

In addition, you will receive analysis tool to help you accurately gauge the level of anxiety you are dealing with and includes detailed journal prompts for listeners to further explore the positive benefits of mindfulness.

Inside, you will find:

A number of unique and effective approaches that offer proven strategies to help manage anxiety on the spot, and in a wide range of situations
Exercises that allow you to go deeper into the root causes of your anxiety, and free yourself from discomfort
The best scientific and holistic methodologies that are currently available to combat anxiety, all of which reflect the latest psychological research in the field
A listener-friendly approach that makes this book easy to navigate, so you can find what’s most important to you right away
A guide that will not only free you from anxiety but will also restore your mind/body connection. 

I will lead you down a path of self-discovery and awareness. You will become empowered, and take control of your life. 

You no longer need to be beholden to anxiety. If anxiety leaves you feeling as if you’re balancing on the precipice of life, it’s time to throw it over the cliff. Together, anything’s possible.

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Elizabeth Wilson
hr min
June 1
Charlie Creative Lab Ltd.