Armageddon (Unabridged) Armageddon (Unabridged)

Armageddon (Unabridged‪)‬

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A “humane, thoughtful, and intelligent” (The New York Times Book Review) bestselling Biblical scholar reveals why our popular understanding of the Apocalypse is all wrong—and why that matters.

You’ll find nearly everything the Bible says about the end in the Book of Revelation: a mystifying prophecy filled with bizarre symbolism, violent imagery, mangled syntax, confounding contradictions, and very firm ideas about the horrors that await us all. But no matter what you think Revelation reveals—whether you read it as a literal description of what will soon come to pass, interpret it as a metaphorical expression of hope for those suffering now, or only recognize its highlights from pop culture—you’re almost certainly wrong.

In Armageddon, acclaimed New Testament authority Bart D. Ehrman delves into the most misunderstood—and possibly most dangerous—book of the Bible, on a “vigilantly persuasive” (The Washington Post) tour through three millennia of Judeo-Christian thinking about how our world will end. With wit and verve, he explores the alarming social and political consequences of expecting an imminent apocalypse, considers whether the message of Revelation may be at odds with the teachings of Jesus, and offers inspiring insight into how to live in the face of an uncertain future.

By turns hilarious, moving, troubling, and provocative, Armageddon is nothing short of revelatory in its account of what the Bible really says about the end.

Religion & Spirituality
Robert Petkoff
hr min
March 21
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

AustiinC ,

Great book

To start off, I consider myself a follower of Christ. I picked this book up after watching some tiktoks from a content creator by the name Dan McCellan. Both Dan and Bart shoot straight and say it as it is. I appreciate the information Bart shared as a historian. Of course, he does mention some parts of the book is his interpretation but I found them to be highly agreeable even when mentioned.

For those of you who are curious, no, I didn’t not renounce my faith 😂 Honestly, if you can’t take a bit of criticism then you have some weak faith. Though, my idea of God/Deity/Deities has been evolving the past couple of months.

I did really like at the end how Bart mentions the ideology of one’s image of Christ often has an impact on their actions.

Overall, found the book enlightening and a must read to ANY open minded Christian.

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