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Powerful techniques to influence decisions, Learn exactly what to say and convince people to get what you want do you struggle dealing with people to trigger desired action? Do you think you lack effective communication skills to convince people?

Do people ignore or reject your offer and life seems unfair to you? Do you often dream about getting a magic wand that you show to people and get what you want from them? If answer to any or all of the above answers is yes, then you are on the right place now. No matter how shy you are, no matter if you often feel yourself as a loser while negotiating, no matter if people don’t bother to listen to what you have to offer, you too can learn the art of manipulating (without exploiting) others and get what you want. How?  

Here is the solution: The Art of Manipulation. The Art of Manipulation offers you a powerful framework to master powerful and practical ways to influence and control people’s behavior, negotiate better, make your pitch and manipulate others to get what you want.  

In The Art of Manipulation you will learn: 

Why manipulating others behavior (without abusing or exploiting) is so crucial to succeeding in any area of life 
A genuine scare-to-instant-relief technique to trigger instant positive reaction from others
The mechanics to sweeten your offer and make people feel special and loosen their wallets
A confuse and then simplify technique to convince people faster. 
How Incremental manipulation helps to get bigger results
How to let people to feel smarter with your initial (false) failure, to achieve desired results by applying the “Rejection then Retreat” technique
How to entice people with a "lowball offer" technique and hook people to sell anything
Effective ways to implement the “Chameleon Effect” (no mimicry) to make people trust you
How the “It’s your choice” technique makes your customer feel like a hero and decide for what you desire. 

And much more.

Business & Personal Finance
Barry Dean Evans
hr min
April 5
Nick Anderson

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