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Do you think you lack effective communication skills to convince people? Have you ever felt that your relationships could be improved if you knew the secrets to persuasion? Do people ignore or reject your offer and life seems unfair to you?

If you are new in the art of manipulation, then this is the audiobook that you have been waiting for to learn about how one can quickly have control over others. Gaining control over someone and making them do what you want may become one of the most challenging practices to undertake, especially when you are a beginner. However, if you use a popular technique, you are probably on the right track to make them follow your lead. Always remember that learning about the art of manipulation and putting into practice are two separate things.

As such,audio This book begins with understanding what manipulation is all about and the primary definition of what it means. You will learn about variations between to manipulate and influence someone, which is usually two different terms at first. The book, therefore, highlights emotional manipulation techniques essential for a beginner who has limited knowledge about this topic.

You will also learn about the underlying emotional manipulation tactics, which are common uses to persuade victims who are usually termed as inferior in a relationship. You will also learn about blackmail, which is also another technique of manipulation but with a deeper understanding of emotional manipulation. In most cases, blackmails have been extended and used across different areas in society, including the government. The same case also includes blackmails in intimate relationships where one partner tends to control another.

In this audiobook, you will also find the art of putting down the other person in the form of manipulation, which is often experienced in workplaces, schools, and social meetings. You will also learn about lying and how it becomes a form of deception which affects another individual. Lying has also been used as a tool to escape punishment, but with the emergence of technology and the use of professional experience, people can now detect lies and find out the truth about something. 

You will find:

An overview and definition of manipulation
Differences and similarities between manipulation and to influence an individual to do what you want them
Emotional manipulation techniques that beginners can learn quickly
Basic psychological manipulation tactics used to change a person’s mind be in control of their decisions, actions, opinions, and thoughts
You will learn about blackmail as well as emotional blackmail and understand how blackmailers and victims react 
Understanding about putting others down and becoming dominant as a form of psychological manipulation
Creating illusions of anything especially when you are a beginner and grow to become a famous illusionist
And more...

Robert Plank
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January 23
Mark Panic