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Robert Greene's previous bestseller, The 48 Laws of Power, distilled 3,000 years of scheming into a guide People praised as "beguiling... literate... fascinating" and Kirkus denounced as "an anti-Book of Virtues."

In Art of Seduction, Greene returns with a new instruction book on the most subtle, elusive, and effective form of power because seduction isn't really about sex. It's about manipulating other people's greatest weakness: their desire for pleasure.

Synthesizing the work of thinkers including Freud, Diderot, Nietzsche, and Einstein, reporting the enticing strategies of characters throughout history, The Art of Seduction is a comprehensive guide to getting what we want any way we can.

Jeff David
hr min
July 31
HighBridge Audio

Customer Reviews

ipod god ,

the art of seduction

this book is ok but of the 3 books that robert greene has written it is the weakest by far. i highly recommend the other 2 books ''the 48 laws of power'' and ''the 33 strategies of war'' are the ultimate reads in my opinion. i dont understand why itunes does not have these books also they are well written and thought provoking and wickedly profound!!!! please itunes add these to the audiobooks list please!!!

Mimi3 ,

a how-to of seduction

The book is a wonderful analysis of classic fiction and non-fiction, of culture (historical and current), of psychology and almost as an after-thought includes how-to advice. The audio is essentially just that how-to advice. It's nice that it's so focused as a kind of self-help book, but it lacks the great storytelling that was so important in the book.

avid reader ,

This is a great read!

I've read this book a couple times over, and still go back to it for refrence from time to time. I also buy for friends who I think may need it, as gifts... Also check out, "the 48 laws of power"

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