Artist - Painting (Unabridged) Artist - Painting (Unabridged)

Artist - Painting (Unabridged‪)‬

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The ultra-powerful Zapper programming combines music with life-changing affirmations. Use this audio program in three different ways: 1. Program your mind while you do other things with your eyes open. 2. Use it as closed-eye meditative programming. 3. Use it as you go to sleep (skip the second track in which you awaken).The Zapper is a composition of vibrational theta waves and a diminishing delta-level pulse. It generates an altered state of consciousness in which suggestions are delivered with 25 to 2 times the mind-programming power of readily accepted suggestions. With continued subconscious reinforcement of this kind, your mind will manifest a change in beliefs that generate your thoughts and emotions, which in turn create your experiences.Some of the Spoken Suggestions:You are a highly talented and successful painter. You now focus your energy upon fully developing your painting talent. You draw upon an unlimited inner source of creativity You master imagery, composition, color, and style. You master light, shade and space. You develop your own unique style. You're inspired to paint. Intensely inspired. You are. You paint. Paint. Paint. And your paintings communicate exactly what you desire to share. You refine your unique painting technique. You produce acclaimed works of art. Every day in every way, you become a more masterful painter. People who see your paintings want to buy your paintings. Your paintings generate art-gallery interest. You visualize a successful one-person show and it becomes your reality. It does. Visualize. You become an award-winning painter whose work is in demand.To Use With Your Eyes Closed: Lie down, do a couple minutes of deep breathing, close your eyes and simply listen to the program. This audio program can be used as sleep programming in which you simply listen as you fall asleep. Or you can awaken at the end of a closed-eye session by counting yourself up from one to five and saying the words, "Wide awake, wide awake," several times.To Use With Your Eyes Open: Play the audio program at home or in the office while you're sitting down doing other things such as working at a computer, reading, etc. The volume should be loud enough for you to hear the suggestions, but not so loud as to be distracting. If you turn off the program before awakening at the end, BE SURE TO FULLY AWAKEN YOURSELF. This will be best accomplished by counting yourself up as you would from a deep meditation. Tell yourself you're going to fully awaken, then count up from one to five and say, "Wide awake, wide awake," over and over.Note: If after using the Zapper audio program you don't feel fully awake, we suggest you walk around for a few minutes and maybe splash water on your face to help you fully awaken.Instructions and Warnings: Do not use this audio program in a moving auto or while doing anything requiring you to be fully alert.

Dick Sutphen
hr min
November 30
Hay House LLC