Assertiveness Affirmations: Positive assertiveness affirmations; training for women and teens; unleash the power within and stand up strong on the choices you make for yourself

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If you find it hard to stand up for what you believe, then keep reading.

Are you always afraid of speaking up? Do you find it challenging to say “no”? Do you often change your mind based on what other people think?

Everyone should feel comfortable and at ease and be able to speak their minds in any given situation.

This can all be resolved through Assertiveness Affirmations. Assertiveness is all about being able to communicate your thoughts with respect and in an honest way knowing your thoughts are as important as other’s thoughts. Being assertive helps:
Improve your communication skills;Obtain what you desire instead of constantly being left short-changed;Strengthen your self-confidence; andReduce stress;
I have prepared more than 300 affirmations for you to listen to and repeat as often as you can. Research has proven that self-talk through repetition has a direct impact on your brain, affecting your thoughts, which then affect your mentality and ultimately your actions.

You will find affirmations such as:
I know what I want, and I ask for it.I have realistic beliefs about myself.I am becoming more and more assertive.I feel confident all the time.
 Listen to these affirmations and repeat some of them on a daily basis. They will not only start to have an influence on your mind, but your actions will increasingly start to align themselves with the actions of an assertive person.

If you’re ready to break the negative cycle of lack of assertiveness and begin to speak up with confidence, then scroll up and select the "Add to Cart" button.

Amy Jones
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August 29
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