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Jack, Mike and Trip were ripped from their loved ones and thrown into a dangerous world they know nothing about, relentlessly pursued by Night Runners, Zombies and terrifying new creatures known only as Whistlers.

Like their own worlds, civilization has collapsed and danger lurks around every corner. The trio can do nothing but march forward and attempt to find some answers - some way to escape from the nightmare. Seeking only to return to their families, they must navigate through the unknown.

Everything seems to be converging Atlantis. Will Jack, Mike and Trip find what they are looking for in the city? Or will they meet an end that none of them were prepared for?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Sean Runnette
hr min
September 22
Devil Dog Press

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Lots of action and edge of your seat twists and turns

This is book two in a series. Three men from different worlds (Tripp and Mike are from the same world – well if you know Tripp, they are sorta from the same world …) find themselves thrust into one mysterious world complete with Zombies, Night Runners and Whistlers. Mike and Jack have secrets – secret abilities they don’t want to share in this new world where civilization has also collapsed and there is a dangerous creature lurking behind each brick. Together they head to Atlantis to find answers. Where are they? Why are they here? How can they get back home?

This trio of men is the equivalent of Abbott & Costello or Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin. Tripp is the confused goofy one who annoys Jack (he’s the serious one) and Mike who …. Well, Mike has his own sense of humor-sarcasm thing going on. As a trio, they work perfectly together. Tripp doing yoga moves in the middle of a Night Runner vs Whistler vs Zombie fight with the three guys stuck in the middle … pure entertainment!

The sense of adventure, horror and each of their quirks comes through vividly. Two different writing styles but they weave them together expertly. Although I have not heard/read the first of this series I was still captivated by how they seamlessly wove their story together allowing each of their writing styles and characters to shine through without the clumsy transitions that happens all too often.

Lots of action and edge of your seat twists and turns before they head off to another location. If you are looking for a solid answer to any of the questions, you won’t find it in this one … this is clearly the book that takes them on fact finding missions and more searching.

As usual, Sean Runnette does an excellent job of narrating. With the combination of Tufo, O’Brien and Runnette – there is no way to go wrong!

There were no production issues, everything was clear.

I have been a huge fan of Tufo for the last couple of years and I was hesitant to try this collaborative work. I’m glad I did because I couldn’t stop listening! I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sci-fi, zombies, aliens, Runnette and the authors – Tufo and O’Brien.

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