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Expanding on his first book The Journey of the Heroic Parent, Reedy talks about how all our relationships are connected to the relationship we have with ourselves. He shows how the foundation for intimacy with partners, our ability to parent effectively, and the meaningfulness of our lives can be tied to how well we have unraveled our unique childhood history.

The Audacity to Be You: Learning to Love Your Horrible, Rotten, Self is a simple but bold exploration into what makes us human and why happiness and connection are elusive for so many. Reedy's work is counterintuitive, but the listener will often have the experience of being found and understood as they make their way through his work.

Many people say that reading/listening to Brad's work is like you are hearing something for the first time that you already knew but just didn't have the words for it. Dr. Reedy is a renowned author, therapist, podcaster, and public speaker, and his approach is accessible and nonthreatening. He is a prolific keynote speaker, TV and radio guest, and he travels the world presenting to audiences and training therapists. Through stories gathered from decades as a therapist, cofounder, and clinical director of Evoke Therapy Programs, Reedy gives the listener an intimate picture of mental health and healing.

The Audacity to Be You explains how our personalities are built, brick by brick. From what it means to be oneself, we learn how to authentically love others. Listeners will learn the essence of mental health, and with that understanding, the stigma of mental illness evaporates. Reedy debunks toxic myths so common in our culture, including “You are only as happy as your least happy child,” and how good therapy goes beyond problem-solving. Reedy teaches, “In this way of thinking, you don't get to be right anymore. But you get to be a "self". And that is so much better. That is "the audacity to be you".

To learn more about his work go to evoketherapy.com or drbradreedy.com. You can find his podcast Finding You: An Evoke Therapy Podcast on your favorite podcast app or by going to soundcloud.com.

Brad M. Reedy, PhD
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November 12
Brad M. Reedy, PhD