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Publisher Description

One Last One

Regret. Loneliness. Despair. ALINA struggles with these feelings every night. Centuries ago, her kind was all but wiped out by a mysterious disease which left them unable to produce the venom needed to make new vampires. She's the last one – isolated in what feels like a never-ending nightmare.

But she discovers a homeless man named TERRENCE who's in the early stages of becoming a vampire. He doesn't remember how he got turned. If he feeds, he'll complete his transformation and have the power to save her race from extinction.

Alina offers to teach him vampire culture. Longing to find a place where he belongs, Terrence accepts. But he's appalled at the idea of living on human blood, so he refuses to feed. Alina resorts to manipulation and deceit to try and get what she wants.

If Alina can save her race, she'll find her redemption. But can she persuade Terrance to do the unthinkable... before it's too late?

Tommy Has a Yeast Infection

After getting unfairly downsized, TOMMY meets APRIL, the girl of his dreams, when she accidentally runs his bicycle off the road. They seem made for each other. But when he over-indulges in taking prescription meds for a cycling injury, he comes down with an unusual condition for a man – yeast infection.

Tommy has to choose between hiding his embarrassing situation to prepare for a big race, or coming clean with April in order to grow their budding relationship. The dilemma threatens to derail not only his new romance, but also his once in a lifetime shot at making it to the pros.

The Debt Con$piracy

The Black Team, an elite special ops team commissioned - off the books – by a United States Senator, eliminates threats to the country in ways that no official government agency can. When newest member LANCE WEST accompanies his partner on a secret mission to Tokyo to gather intel on powerful Hong Kong mafia boss FEN TSUNG, the situation deteriorates. Tsung kills West's partner and frames him for the murder.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Bob Knowles, Dawn Harvey, Lee Saunders
hr min
February 17