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Historian Anthony Everitt earned widespread critical acclaim for his best-selling biography of Cicero. Now, with Augustus, he delivers his second spellbinding account of a Roman icon whose legacy has echoed through the ages.

Caesar Augustus has been called history's greatest emperor. It was said he found Rome made of clay and left it made of marble. With a senator for a father and Julius Caesar for a great-uncle, he ascended the ranks of Roman society with breathtaking speed. His courage in battle is still questioned, yet his political savvy was second to none. He had a lifelong rival in Mark Antony and a 51-year companion in his wife, Livia. And his influence extended perhaps further than that of any ruler who has ever lived.

Drawing on the available information, while making a handful of his own groundbreaking assertions, Everitt brings the real Augustus to vivid life in this fascinating narrative.

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Customer Reviews

Imperium Maius ,

A Must Read for any True Scholar of History

This book is well researched and gives amazing insight into the turmoil young Octavius must have endured. This brilliant auto-biography & narrative of the times gives profound insight into the Julian clans motivation and Octavius's plans to eventually rule the know world. I'd say it's a MUST read.

Tim Hopper ,

First rate!

Everitt has done a trio of sensational biographies from the Roman era. Cicero, Augustus, and then Hadrian. I hope I tunes makes the other two available. Though I have aleady read them, I very much enjoy listening to Augustus and hearing portions I have forgotten or not noticed before. The reader is exceptional. This is a must buy for any fan of Roman history.

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