Autism: The Fight Inside (Unabridged) Autism: The Fight Inside (Unabridged)

Autism: The Fight Inside (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Autism: The Fight Inside is an audiobook made to educate young men and young women of the dangers that form from gangs. 

The audiobook is about a young man named Austin who suffers from autism. The main character of the story is led astray by a crowd of negativity and wickedness. The character Hawkboy befriends Austin into thinking he is his only hope. Hawkboy from the beginning only has selfish plans in mind for Austin. 

This audiobook discusses our legal system and how the system in the US is broken. The audiobook also discusses how the prison system in America is the newly operated mental-health system of our wake. 

This audiobook has factual data at the start of some of its chapters to help educate the listener of autism and the symptoms that stem from autism. This audiobook also gives factual research data on prison statistics and information to help guide the listener. This audiobook speaks about the system in the state of Nebraska and how the system operates. 

The purpose of this audiobook is the hope that young men come across this audiobook to listen, especially if they are battling poor choices in their lives. Listening to this audiobook can help them see why crime and bad friends are not worth the trouble. 

This audiobook is very personal and goes into deep detail of situations that take place inside the Nebraska State Department of Correctional Services and the Lincoln Regional Center State Psychiatric Hospital. If you or someone you know is on the verge of prison or being detained, then this audiobook is for you. 

This audiobook was made to help young people make better choices with their lives. If you come across this audiobook, please give it a chance to inspire you and motivate you to do positive things in life.

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Customer Reviews

ET278 ,

I Loved His Story & I felt his pain!

I have friends who told me about this story and they encouraged me to read it.. I have been so busy that I haven't had much time to read at all really. So I listened to the audio book instead. I have it in my iPod so I would listen to his Story while doing my morning exercise or cooking for my kinds with my music box. I just finished it and I am blown away that such a system could have done such a traumatizing thing to a human being.. Let a lone a human being who has Autism.. I believe Austin is a great writer & a gifted story teller.. For Austin I think it would be safe to say one of his Savants is writing.. I researched other reviews and I too believe he deserves all the 5 star ratings he has been receiving.. I hope his book continues to change the system & I hope he is rewarded for taking a step in courage & faith to tell his story!