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Autobiography of a Yogi first appeared in 1946, it was acclaimed as a landmark work in its field.
The New York Times hailed it as "a rare account".
Newsweek pronounced it "fascinating".
The San Francisco Chronicle declared, "Yogananda presents a convincing case for yoga, and those who 'came to scoff' may remain 'to pray." Today it is still one of the most widely read and respected books ever published on the wisdom of the East.

This audio edition, featuring Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley's masterful narration, contains the complete text of Paramahansa Yogananda's life story, an absorbing account of a singular search for Truth. Yogananda describes his experiences with modern-day saints and illuminated masters of India, and presents a definitive introduction to the whole science and philosophy of Yoga.

Religion & Spirituality
Sir Ben Kingsley
hr min
October 7
Self-Realization Fellowship

Customer Reviews

Scottartist ,

Autobiography of a Yogi

Paramahansa Yogananda. A messenger of Light. A must read for anyone interested in the Spiritual Wealth of India. The words are so well infused with wisdom. You will feel as if you are being spoken to personally, as if Yogananda were in the same room with you. The work is so well read by Ben Kingsley. I am honored to have been able to hear this recording and my life is never to be the same again, and again. Delightful and educational, Spiritual with the ring of Truth resounding throughout! Real Love, Life and Hope for future generations. Peaceful in all ways.

emartin312 ,

Poetry in every sentence

There are very few words that can accurately describe the profound importance of this book. Astounding. Endearing. Love.
I have been an audiobook junkie for over 20 years and have never felt this way about any author.Swami Yogananda was a profound being that had a remarkable life. It ought to be required reading for all humanity. Ben Kingsley does a supberb job reading this important work. There is power in every chapter of the book. Get it if you're on the path. You will be catapulted closer to the pure love.

Valkerie ,

Autobiography of a yogi

A book you can read over and over again. Find out how to directly commune with God.

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