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There are three simple questions to determine whether you should listen to this book. Do you spend HOURS trying to get your baby to sleep? Do you dread the nap and evening routine, knowing what is to come? Would you like your baby to fall asleep quickly, on their own, and to sleep all night long...even if you honestly believe you've tried everything...and in as little as three days?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you need to listen to this book.

This revolutionary method effortlessly trains your baby to resettle and quickly fall back to sleep if they wake (without your intervention). And the best part is your baby will now wake up well rested, happy, and healthy (and you will be, too!)

I realize it may sound almost unbelievable that in as little as three days you can have your baby sleeping the moment their head hits the pillow, yet I promise you this is all possible. How do I know this method works so well? Because I used it myself to get my baby to fall asleep on cue each and every night. And listen, I understand it is easy to blame yourself for your baby's sleep issues, but you must realize, it’s NOT your fault. And it is actually easier than you could ever imagine to get your baby to quickly fall asleep, and sleep soundly through the night. What are some of the benefits can you expect when you follow this program? 

You will have more time to spend with your partner in the evenings while your little ones are quickly and quietly drifting off to sleep...
You will have more energy and will be the envy of all other parents who are struggling with bedtime...
You will be so happy and proud of your little one and of your abilities as a confident parent...
You will never have to listen to the advice of in-laws and other parents again (no matter how well-meaning it is).

Kate Roth
hr min
November 8
Mrs. Jenny Simpson

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