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Save yourself from more than half of the trouble most beginning and advanced homesteaders have to deal with.

Homestead gardening has exploded over the last few years. One in three US households now gardens to provide food for their families.

There are a variety of reasons why people are getting into gardening in such numbers. At the top of the list is that you can ensure the quality and nutrition of their fruits and vegetables.You also maintain control over where and how they’re produced so they know they’re safe.

If you have a garden or are considering one, now is the perfect time to start or take it to the next level. Optimizing your efforts provides superb results that no grocery store could ever compete with.

It’s also the start of a self-reliant lifestyle because once you get proficient in gardening for food, it has real economic benefits both meeting actual needs and saving money.

Are you wondering if this kind of gardening will work in your backyard?

The answer is 100% yes, it will work because there are plants and gardening techniques that work for all sorts of living situations.

All you need is a basic understanding of particular plants and their needs to make sure you can live a self-sufficient life as a homesteader.

In The Backyard Homestead Manual, you ll discover:
- A gardener’s framework for effective planning to ensure your harvest is sufficient
- Different garden bed options to accommodate your available space
- Straight-forward ways to improve the quality of your soil
- Specialty fruits and vegetables that grow in tricky environments
- 6 easy ways to ensure you eat well throughout the winter
- 3 things you can't overlook if you want your plants to reliably grow
- New strategies for getting rid of weeds that minimize your required time and effort
And much more.

KC Wayman
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December 17
Author's Republic