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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “Driving, wild and hilarious” (The Washington Post), here is the incredible “memoir” of the legendary actor, gambler, raconteur, and Saturday Night Live veteran.

When Norm Macdonald, one of the greatest stand-up comics of all time, was approached to write a celebrity memoir, he flatly refused, calling the genre “one step below instruction manuals.” Norm then promptly took a two-year hiatus from stand-up comedy to live on a farm in northern Canada. When he emerged he had under his arm a manuscript, a genre-smashing book about comedy, tragedy, love, loss, war, and redemption. When asked if this was the celebrity memoir, Norm replied, “Call it anything you damn like.”

Norm Macdonald
hr min
September 20
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

NrmMcdnld ,

Pulitzer nominated???

Norm being Norm, If you aren't already a Norm Mcdonald fan listening to his voice for 7 1/2 hours isn't going to change your mind, but on the other hand maybe you're a glutton for punishment.

Miahman98 ,


It's as if a room full of scientists draped in lab coats and adorned with gloves and goggles were working tirelessly to piece together two perfectly selected strands of DNA. The first being from the great Russian author of "War and Peace", Leo Tolstoy. And the second strand of this DNA concoction is from this country's (USA) and possibly the worlds greatest humorous of all time, Samuel Langhorne Clemens. aka Mark Twain. The test tubs and petri dishes were then heated and then chilled at just the right temperatures. Out of this bubbling brew spawned the comedic genius that is "Norm Macdonald". Now you should know that when I say genius I do mean genius in the most truest sense of the word. In some circles he's even referred to as "Einstein". Norm Macdonald has been blessed with the story telling gene. He's able to weave a yarn, be they bona fide or be they fiction, more masterfully than any living mortal throughout history. In fact I did quite difficult and extensive algorithms and calculations to come up with that last statement and I josh you not, it's as true as the day is long.
Norm Macdonald has been able to bring more joy into my life than any other living human. Now that I think of it he's even brought more joy into my life than any dead human too. And animals also. I mean that Mr Ed could make me shoot milk out from my nose but he pales in comparison to Norm. I say neigh to talking horses. Neigh I tell you, and yes to Norm Macdonald.
The book is a masterpiece and I appreciate you taking the time to pen it.

Isaac Elijah ,

Love it!

Funny, and extra special having been a fan of Norms career in comedy.

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