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Fall in love at Bayside, where sandy beaches, good friends, and true love come together in the sweet small towns of Cape Cod.

Bayside Summers is a series of standalone steamy romance novels featuring alpha male heroes and sexy, empowered women. They're fun, flirty, flawed, deeply emotional, always passionate, and easy to relate to. And of course, you'll see cameos from the Seaside Summers characters!

"With her wonderful characters and resonating emotions, Melissa Foster is a must-read author!" (NYT best seller Julie Kenner)

"Melissa Foster is synonymous with sexy, swoony, heartfelt romance!" (NYT best seller Lauren Blakely)

In Bayside Passions....

When Emery Andrews's best friend, Desiree, moves away, falls in love, and opens an inn all in one summer, she feels her absence like a missing limb. Until she visits over the holidays and meets sinfully hot Dean Masters, who's as easy on the eyes as he is to talk to. After returning home, what starts as a flurry of late-night flirtations quickly turns into a deep connection and unexpected friendship. Now, months later, Desiree offers Emery a job teaching yoga at the inn. Adventurous Emery jumps at the chance and heads for Wellfleet, Massachusetts, to reunite with her BFF and her new close friend, Dean.

After months of sharing their lives and their secrets over video chats and phone calls, Dean's ready to move things to the next level. The fact that Emery seems oblivious to the sparks between them and has recently put her foot down about dating friends just means he'll have to bide his time.

When Emery finds a naked man in her kitchen the first morning she's there, Dean doesn't hesitate to move her into his guest room. Maybe now, Emery will see what's right before her eyes - although that guy she's got a date with might be a problem.

B.J. Harrison
hr min
February 15
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

ajmeyer1966 ,

I Love Dean and Emery!

Dean and Emery are best friends, but he wants to be more than friends. Emery has sworn off dating friends since her last relationship is the reason she moved to the cape. Dean can no longer keep his feelings a secret and he is determined to show Emery how good they can be together. When she finally gives into her feelings, they are explosive together.

This is a great friends to lovers story. The second book of the Bayside Summer series and you won't be disappoint.

CharlotteLynn ,

Dean and Emery

Audiobook Review… I had never listened to an audiobook before I started listening to Melissa Foster’s Love in Bloom Series. Now I cannot stop listening. I’ve broadened my listening but BJ Harrison’s (narrator) is still my favorite. He brings Melissa’s characters to life, brings feeling to the stories, and makes me feel what the characters are feeling. I can hear the flirting, feel the fun, and enjoy the love that Emery and Dean share.

Ebook Review…Back at my favorite book setting, Cape Cod. This time Melissa Foster takes her readers to Bayside and we get to catch up with the Bayside crew. Dean and Emery deserves to have their story told and I am so excited about it. These two met last summer and have been keeping in touch through FaceTime, text, and phone calls. They have been flirting, sexting, and sharing their lives for so long it seems that they have been together forever.

I laughed often while reading Bayside Passions. Between Violets craziness and Emery’s uncensored reactions I chuckled, giggled, and laughed out loud many times. There were times I cringed at these same ladies and how unrestricted they were at times. But I loved every word of it. I also loved how the rest of the Bayside Crew accepted them as they were. There was never judgment just 100% acceptance.

Together Dean and Emery are opposites. Dean is settled, living his life, and just doing his thing. Enter Emery. She blows his world apart. Leaves her things all over his house, enters his every thought, and changes his life for the better. The best thing is Dean also changes Emery’s life for the better. He brings in some form of order, accepts her for all her quirks, and shows her what true love really is.

I was so happy to be back with these characters. It was wonderful to get to know Dean and Emery better and catch up with the other Bayside characters. I cannot wait for more from this wonderful location and amazing characters.

Shy G. ,

My Thoughts on Bayside Passions

While this was an overall really good read, Dean kind of stole the show for me. He was so sweet and patient. He was so thoughtful and understanding. He was just an excellent man. Melissa Foster is really good at that in my opinion though. She develops her characters really well and you can connect with them. That was Dean for me. Don't get me wrong, Emery was great too. But I really enjoyed Dean's character.

BJ Harrison was the same steady, enjoyable narrator I've heard for the last several books in this series. He's got a great voice and there were no complaints.

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