Be A Change Agent: Leadership in a Time of Exponential Change

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#1 Award Winner (Gold Medal), Business Category - 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

This book should be integrated into our schools globally. It's that good! -- Next Generation Indie Book Awards Judge

Are you painfully aware of the mismatch between outdated approaches and our rapidly evolving world? Dr. Dele Ola looks unflinchingly at the problem of resisting change and offers a wealth of expert guidance on how to embrace positive growth and foster development.

Be a Change Agent is a comprehensive examination of change leadership--the need for it, the qualities of change leaders, and the importance of having great change teams. In the first section of the book, Ola takes the reader through stories of fearless leaders and explores the VERITAS qualities that made them successful. The second section is about building collaborative teams that work well and have the independence to innovate without too much bureaucratic control. Ola's years working with high-performance teams helped him develop an insightful tool for looking at three spectrums that cause tension in teams:

- The Systems Spectrum-Structure versus influence

- The Reaction Spectrum-Reflection versus action

- The Perspective Spectrum-Reality versus idealism

The Tensions Equalizer tool will change how you view the balance of members in your team. This book culminates in a discussion of the future of work, learning, enterprise, and innovation.

Complete with insightful questionnaires and reflection questions, Be a Change Agent offers a practical toolkit for both emerging change agents and seasoned influencers to evaluate their leadership qualities and become the very best they can be....

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